Implications of Global Change in
Alaska and the Bering Sea Region

Proceedings of a Workshop at the University of Alaska Fairbanks

3-6 June 1997

Edited by Gunter Weller and Patricia A. Anderson

Published by
Center for Global Change and Arctic System Research
University of Alaska Fairbanks
U.S. Global Change Research Program
National Science Foundation
U.S. Department of Interior
International Arctic Science Committee
April 1998


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Contents & Preface

Summary pdf Summary of Main Implications of Global Change in the Region

Introduction pdf Introduction

Climate trends pdf Climate Trends and Scenarios
G. Weller, A. Lynch, T. Osterkamp and G. Wendler

Forests pt 1 pdfForests pt 2 pdfForests pt 3 pdf Forests, Climate Stress, Insects, and Fire
(Part 1-476K) (Part 2-508K) (Part 3-536K)
G.P. Juday, R.A. Ott, D.W. Valentine and V.A. Barber

Tundra pdf Arctic Tundra
D. Douglas, G.P. Juday and R. Meehan

Wildlife pdf Wildlife and Reindeer
C.A. Babcock, G.P. Juday and D. Douglas

Land use pdf Human Land Use and Management
G.P. Juday, V. Cochran, S. Hennig, E. McDowell, S. Retheford, W. Rice and S. Sparrow

Marine resources pt 1 pdfMarine resources pt 2 pdfMarine Biological Resources
(Part 1-580K) (Part 2-652K)
K.R. Criddle, H.J. Niebauer, T.J. Quinn II, E. Shea and A. Tyler

Subsistence fisheries pdf Subsistence Fisheries
D. Callaway, K.R. Criddle and E. Shea

Coastal systems pdf Coastal Systems
J.S. Sedinger and T. Newbury, with K. Jardine, B. Molnia, S. Paul, C. Ely, B. Bodenhorn, N. Broadbent, G. Divoky, M.A. Larson, M. Pedersen and G. Raygorodetsky

Permafrost pt 1 pdfPermafrost pt 2 pdfPermafrost
(Part 1-464K) (Part 2-512K)
T.E. Osterkamp, D.C. Esch and V.E. Romanovsky

Infrastructure pt 1 pdfInfrastructure pt 2 pdfNon-Renewable Resource Development, Transportation, and Energy
(Part 1-392K) (Part 2-508K)
M.R. Helfferich, D. Bohn, F. Korsmo, L. Koss, G. Nelson and M. Sfraga

Assessment framework pdf A Framework for Integrated Assessment
J. Kruse

Global change education pdf Global Change Education
E. Sparrow and B. Rock

Participants pdf List of Workshop Participants

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